Thursday, January 27

Twenty-Two and a half

So let's just go back in time a day, shall we? I didn't get a chance to post this because I was traveling all day but now that I have arrived in Boston, I can post this.. SO let's just pretend that it was yesterday.. and here we go

Today I am 22 ½. A lot has happened in the past year, and even the past six months that it really blows my mind. This time last year I was getting ready to start my last semester of college and today I am on a plane flying to Boston with some friends.
Thinking about it, here is a list of things I have completed in this short amount of time.
me in my prime of my twenty second year
  • graduated from college
  • traveled across Europe for two months
  • moved home
  • went wakeboarding for the first time
  • turned 22
  • coached high school girls field hockey
  • went to my first pro football game
  • made new friends
  • …and got rid of the bad friends
  • was a date to a friend from high school’s army ball
  • crashed a home owners association dinner for a beach house community
  • went to tahoe.. twice
  • rang in the new year with my friends from LA in SF
  • and now here I am heading to Boston

I am really grateful for every moment that has happened, good or bad because even though I did not appreciate the bad as it happened, I am glad it happened because it prepared me for even more to come and I am ready to take on the world.
Be sure to keep checking back as I am going to be updating my Boston trip! :]

X x